The Geek

You wish to know more about me? Gee, I’m flattered.

The Brain!I’m a lover of all things genetic. Always been intrigued by the fact that we are mostly similar. There is only a small fraction of our DNA that causes variation. I find this fascinating because this is how I live my life. Look for similarities and appreciate differences.

Why eclectic?
From definition:

  1. Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles
  2. Made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources

Eclectic is my way of describing how I am interested in everything but just can’t make up my mind about anything. My background is in Biology and Biotechnology but I’m also a former Music and Psychology major. Surprisingly, I find that every course I take is similar to previous courses no matter the topic. Look for similarities and appreciate differences. Everything is, in fact, related.

What are you up to now?
Been dealing with a medical condition recently and decided to blog about it. The site contains personal observations during my journey but it’s also a pretty good reference resource.

Geek, what about this blog?
Ah, yes. Observations from a study subject in this experiment called life. Thoughts on stuff from the perspective of a New Age Hippie/Bioscience Nerd. Yeah, this should be strange…


3 Responses to “The Geek”

  1. Aphra Behn Says:

    Eclectic’s good. I thought I was the only one….


  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Nah. There are a few of us wandering the earth trying to figure out what to do when we “grow up”. I’m still working on it.

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