Mind, body, spirit… laptop hard drive!

Been having some problems with my computer recently. It’s kind of old and I often push it to the limit downloading gobs and gobs off the Internet. I love free software!

Last night, I was attempting to carry out normal web functions (blog posting, surfing, site creation) when I noticed my computer really starting to drag. “Poor thing” but please just hang on a few more minutes. Several minutes turned into over an hour and I could sense “my digital brain” wanting to grind to a screeching halt.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I’m shutting you down right now. Forgive me for expecting you to run EVERY application known to man at the same time. I won’t do it again.

Woke up this morning ready for a fresh start. “Ye Olde IBM” should be fine. I’m sure it got enough rest. Time to get this day moving. Uh, oh. Not so fast.

Um. What’s with the error message? Why can’t I boot up? Okay. Don’t panic. Try again… It’s not working! Arrrrrrg!… Hey, I know. Since it’s saying things are missing, I’ll just do that “restore everything” deal. Yeah. That’ll fix it…

Yes. Affirmation. That really fixed it. Computer booted right up without any problems because EVERYTHING was deleted off the hard drive except the basic stuff you get with a new computer. Yes, it was insane of me not to have a backup but also extremely liberating. I have owned this computer for over 5 years and accumulated way too much. Watched my IBM struggle each time I forced a boot and yet, I still stretched its capabilities. As the laptop would grind and sputter during the day, I urged it to do more.

Cannot be angry. (The laptop warned me over and over but I was too stubborn to listen.) Instead, I find a lesson. My computer runs much better now without the baggage. Nothing holding it back. I like that. I feel a life application. Perhaps my mind is troubled, my body ill, or my spirit down. I can purge the old, restoring myself to a new state. Fascinating process to observe on a computer. Looking forward to living my own mind/body/spirit metamorphosis.

Sometimes, we must let go of the past to see the future.

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