How in the world do you stay married for 54 years?

I’ve been trying to post this since Saturday. Wanted to wait until I actually talked to my parents but that proved to be a bit of a problem. Called them (lost count) times between Saturday and today. Finally, reached my sister this morning and Daddy called this afternoon. Someone crashed a car into the big telephone box (what do you call that thing?) and knocked out the phones in the neighborhood. Whew! Yep, I freaked when I couldn’t reach them but then figured it was something crazy when “Mama Dear” didn’t answer. She’s my grandmother who lives next door. Glad everyone is OK. I’ll have a nice long phone conversation with my people later this evening but until then, here’s Saturday’s post…

A few days ago, my mother and father celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. The longer I am married, the more incredible I find this fact. Sometimes (a lot of times), I wonder about their secret. Is it commitment or love? Perhaps trust or communication? Faith, maybe? Growing up around them, I am certain of one ingredient.

I occasionally ask my father why he wanted to marry my mother. The answer varies slightly but here is the paraphrased gist:

You know I was in a car accident before I proposed to your mother. I hit my head and certain things are still fuzzy.

This is said with such a deadpan look from my father that I am chuckling now thinking about it. My Dad’s comedic timing is priceless. I am confident his sense of humor continues to hold my parents (and my family) together after all these years. How wonderful to have the ability to smile and laugh come what may.

Until I’m able to get on the phone and joke and act a little kooky:

Happy Anniversary, Mom and “dear old” Dad! 😀

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