Fred Rogers also thinks I am important

I was flipping through channels last week and stopped on PBS, one of my favorites. There on the screen was a dear old friend – Fred Rogers. Sigh. He was singing “You Are Special“. It was reassuring to know that in addition to finding me special, Mr. Rogers still considered me a friend and he liked me. I am special.

Stopped by Robert Scoble’s blog a couple of days ago. I visit from time to time because an interest in bioinformatics causes my attraction to blogs about computer stuff. There, I found the post “Getting kicked off of Wikipedia for not being notable“. I was impressed by Mr. Scoble’s thoughts:

I think everyone should have a Wikipedia page. Everyone is important.

Perhaps Robert Scoble also viewed that recent episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

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Waxing nostalgic over my skydiving experience

Just posted on my other blog about my skydiving experience from about 10 years ago. Although I reflect on it often, I had never written about it before. Brought back great memories. Definitely contributed to my “I can do it” spirit.

If you get a chance, check it out:
What does skydiving have to do with this?

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A post-Father’s Day observation

I fell asleep on yesterday until about 11PM. A little worried about it being too late to call my parent’s house to wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day. The phone kept ringing. I just knew he was asleep and struggling to answer the call. Finally, a cheery voice picked up. It was my Dad. It took so long because he was watching the Miami/Dallas NBA Playoff Game. My father is such a huge sports fan and always sounds so gleeful when a game is on.

It is one of my wishes that I also will stay so young at heart and always find happiness in life’s little pleasures.

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Still learning from my Dad

Everyone around me knows I am a Daddy’s girl from way back. Although I recently turned 40, when I am near my father, I regress to about the age of 10. Love my Mom but I simply adore “dear old Dad”.

I mentioned in a previous post about an opportunity that ended abruptly. That was last Monday. I really needed to talk to a reasonable person so I whipped out my cell phone. Couldn’t reach my husband. The next number I dialed was to my parent’s house. I could always find a rational person there. Thought I would reach my sister to have one of those “Girl, let me tell you” sessions. Instead, my father answered in his usual calm, soothing voice.

“Hi, Daddy! I’m fine. Just needed to hear from someone sane.” I sounded just like a little girl. Had to adjust down about an octave for the remainder of the conversation. Told him what was going on and that I was learning a lesson on how to label success. It really wasn’t all about degrees and titles. I ended by telling him that the older I get, the more I appreciate the decisions he made in his life. I considered him to be a true success!

So, on this Father’s Day, I’ll pause and say thanks. Dad, I appreciate you being such a definitive example of spirituality. Thank you for humbly sharing your love, peace, and hope with everyone. We happily reciprocate.

EclecticGeek, where are you?

Missing in Action for a bit. I created this blog to be a platform for “geek” promotion. Thought I had stumbled upon a great career opportunity and really wanted to talk about being a nerd hanging out in the lab.

Decided before I would begin to write here, I would get a number of posts on the blog I started to discuss my experience with a certain medical problem. Since the job opportunity did not work out, I’m happy that I had this blog on hold. Such is life.

So, for a brief time, I’ll be reflective with my posts. After that, I think I’ll use this space to bounce a few ideas around about how I should best utilize my geekiness. Leave comments. I’m interested in your thoughts.

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